Sunday, November 3, 2013

Product of the Week: Vocab Exercises in Greek and Latin Roots 

One of the most important strategies for determining the meaning of new words is by understanding Greek and Latin Roots.  This bundle of vocabulary exercises introduces students to 6 roots having to do with numbers: mono, bi, di, duo, tri, and multi.  

Inside the pack are 4 worksheets that give students information about the roots.  Each worksheet is focused on a different root and includes 7-10 sentences using words that contain the root.  Take a sneak peak at a sample worksheet below: 

The bundle also includes a quiz covering all four roots as well as an answer key.  

I have used this bundle very successfully as bellwork.  Each day, students use context clues and root knowledge to determine the meaning of the underlined word.  I have loved watching students' vocabulary and context clue skills blossom!  

The product is a bargain at $3.25.  You can find it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Have a great week!