Sunday, October 27, 2013

Product of the Week: Write like an Investigative Reporter Presentation

This week, I'm highlighting a product that addresses a huge component of the Common Core State Standards: argumentative writing. The CCSS require students to move from writing based on solely on personal opinion to supporting claims with evidence.

This shift to argumentative writing has been a huge topic of conversation at my school -- probably at yours, too! Last weekend, I went to a fabulous AP Language workshop (presented by the College Board) that had a focus on argumentative writing and I was truly relieved and happy to discover that I've been laying a really solid foundation for my students to master argumentative writing!

One of the tools I've used the last two years (and, in fact, will be using this Wednesday!) as a foundation for teaching students to use textual evidence in their writing my Write like an Investigative Reporter Presentation.  In it, I break down using evidence into three easy steps, easily remembered by the acronym ICE.
1. Introduce a claim.
2. Cite textual evidence to support your claim.
3. Explain how your evidence supports your claim. 

I originally intended this presentation to be used with middle school students, but I am planning on using it with my high school freshmen this Wednesday.  I think it will still be a terrific introduction for them as well! The presentation follows a typical "gradual release of responsibility" model: teacher example, student practice, reflection.  It also includes Cloze notes for students, and a rubric for evaluating student work.

I just updated the clip art in this presentation, using products from Blair Turner and Digital Divide and Conquer, and it looks great!  Here are a couple of sneak peaks:

Check out this presentation at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and let me know what you think of it!

Happy teaching and happy writing,


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