Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Goulish Sale!

It's time for a goulish Halloween sale!  From October 30-November 1st, The Teacher Lady will be having a 20% off Halloween sale!  All items in my store will be on sale! 

Here are a couple of highlights:

My 4.0 rated Read Like a Detective Presentation introduces students to
close reading for the CCSS.  It's normally $4.00, but it will be $3.20 during the sale!  Here's what previous users have said about it:

"Super resource!  Thank you so much!" - Wilds24

"Very helpful and easy to follow.  I love it!" - Silvia

"Enjoyed the poetry and the fact it continues with your writing like an investigative reporter."  - Cat66
Speaking of my 4.0 rated Write like an Investigative Reporter  Presentation, it is sporting a new and improved look!  It introduces students to writing with evidence, a critical foundation for argumentative writing.  It's normally $4.00, but will be $3.20 during the sale!  Teachers have said that it's a "great resource" and that they "love the fact that [it] uses poetry!"  This is one of my favorite resources; in fact, I'm using it tomorrow!


My 4.0 rated Characterization Graphic Organizers include 7 CCSS - aligned graphic
organizers that can be used with any short story or novel.  They're a bargain at $4.50, but with your 20% off, you can get them for $3.60! Want to know what teachers are saying about this product?                                                                                                                                                                         "Great ways to get students thinking about characters in different ways." -Natalie                                                                                                                                                                              "These graphic organizers are going to get much use as I work with my students. I've always struggled with helping them see all the aspects of the characters and these will really help." - Marynell

My 4.0 rated Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Unit is Common Core aligned. 
One of my colleagues just used it with her special education 10th grade Language Arts class, and she couldn't stop raving about how easy-to-use it was!  It's usually $7.00, but during the sale, it will be $5.60!  Imagine the time you'll save during the course of the 4 week unit!

Other buyers have said: 
"Can't wait to use this! Looks great." - Cindy

"Great resource and presentation. Thanks!" - winpiazza

I hope you check out The Teacher Lady during my Goulish Sale from October 30-November 1!



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