Monday, September 9, 2013

POW: Product of the Week

My featured Product of the Week this week is my Detailed Participation Rubric.  I developed this handy tool several years ago after having students ask "Why did you give me that participation grade?"   I think if the phrasing of that question doesn't irk you a bit, you probably haven't been asked it yet! 

After I bit back the urge to say, "I didn't give you any grade; you earned it,"  I realized that I was being pretty ambiguous about students' participation and should probably provide students with the criteria by which I was judging their participation!

So... I made this: 

The thing I like about this rubric is that it stays away as much as possible from simply being "citizenship" points for good behavior.  Instead, it demands that students engage, listen, speak, and use time wisely -- all critical points for academic success.  By using this rubric, students are held to a higher standard than simply "being good."  They have to engage in class.

In my class, I have normally had students self-assess their participation twice a quarter.  I have found that by self-assessing, students are typically very honest and usually tougher on themselves than I would be.  If your students are struggling with participation, it can be useful to have them self-assess more often to raise their awareness of the importance of participating and how it affects their grades. 

Right now, my Detailed Participation Rubric is available on Teachers Pay Teachers for only $1. What a bargain!

I hope that it makes your life easier!  I know it was a huge help to me!

Happy Monday,

Katrina, The Teacher Lady

PS The amazing chevron design on my Participation Rubric cover is by Blair Turner.  Definitely check out her Teachers Pay Teachers store as well!  She's got lots of great stuff!

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